Corporate Sponsorship

We provide guitars, equipment and access to tuition and support, free at the point of use to ensure that guitar playing is accessible to all young people. The benefits from guitar playing for a young person and the opportunities that can arise from playing are many.

We are currently converting a double-decker Bus (We call it the No12) into a recording studio, practice studio, guitar tech workshop, learning space and meeting place which will enable us to engage with young people in multiple locations.

We had a soft launch in April and have a full launch event on August 24th in Glasgow. We would l;ove to explore how your organisation could support us in some way.

This could be for example through:

  • Sponsorship of 12 Guitars
  • Sponsorship or branding / part branding of our mobile studio bus
  • Sponsorship of our events e.g. Sponsorship of the lighting or sound equipment
  • Allowing us to have a pop-up collection point in your reception or staff canteen where staff could donate unwanted guitars or guitar-related equipment
  • Enabling some of your staff to volunteer with 12 Guitars as part of their own personal development. This could be music related, event related or practical, hands-on support as we convert the bus.

To have you involved would mean a lot to our organisation at this stage of our development.

At our Launch event on August 24th we will have:

  • bands and solo-artists covering a diverse range of guitar playing
  • a video wall with guitar players sharing their stories of what inspired them to play guitar
  • Guitar Tech demonstrations.
  • A live Prize Riff Quiz – You know the Riff, but can you answer the question
  • A silent auction
  • Assorted Guitar related art and merchandise

I’ll be pleased to discuss fully with the appropriate people in your Marketing / Corporate Social Responsibility Team.

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