Prize Draws

As a social enterprise, we are always looking for innovative ways of funding the work we do to provide guitars and tuition free at the point of use in the community. Throughout 2021 we will be running a series of easy to enter prize draws. The draws will have low-cost tickets giving everyone a chance to win amazing prizes. Details of our first draws are below:

Follow this link to visit our Raffle page link

Forthcoming prize draws that we will be launching include:

Steve giving the lowdown on the prizes up for grabs.

A painting by artist and illustrator Robert Stevenson of David Gilmour of Pink Floyd playing his Black Strat in 1973 at the Rainbow, London. The painting is based on an iconic photograph taken by Jill Furmanovsky. For David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fans and collectors of fine guitar art.

A brand new Fender 1952 Vintera re-make Precision bass guitar donated by Andy Mooney, the Chief Executive of Fender Guitars in California.

A Brand New Martin LX1E guitar signed by Ed Sheeran on the final days of his world record breaking DIVIDE Tour in 2019. The package also includes a signed photograph and a Tour Guide. A must for Ed Sheeran fans.

A “Jokercaster” guitar entirely hand painted by Artillery Voodoo in Acrylic and Ink and covering the entire surface of the guitar body. The Guitar has a Squier Strat body and a Teleaster neck. It is 100% original and one of a kind. For fans of unusual guitars or collectors of DC and Joker memorabilia.

A fabulous Gretch Electromatic guitar and Line 6 amp bundle. Ideal for a mid-level starter pack or someone moving from playing acoustic guitar to electric for the first time.